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Itty Bitty Preview

Touch. Feel.
Fall in love.

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Sorry! Due to huge demand we’ve sold out of our first batch! Please email us if you’d like to be notified when we’re back in stock.

Touch, feel, fall in love with gDiapers before adding a Newborn Bundle to your shower registry. We want to make sure you love it! The Itty Bitty Preview includes one pair of newborn gPants with two inserts, plus a $15 off coupon for your Newborn Bundle!

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Simple system

Simple system

Happy Baby.
Happy Parent.
It's that simple.

Clever design

Clever design

A leap forward in disposable diaper technology.

True to you

True to you

Colors & prints that fit your style and your values.

Planet loving

Planet loving

The most eco-friendly* disposable diaper. Period.

*Our eco-friendly disposable inserts are 100% compostable (wet ones only), and the only baby product that's Cradle to Cradle certified.™



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