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Current Pilot - Indonesia

nappies to nature
not pollution 

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Indonesia is the second largest marine polluter in the world with diapers contributing over 20% of their ocean waste.  

Together with our partners EON Engineering and Asia Pacific Waste Consulting, gCycle is being brought to a  beach village in West Papua.

The one year pilot is replacing 100% of their plastic disposables with fully compostable diapers which are being collected and composted locally. 

Waste to resource.  That's the circular economy. 


Current Pilot - Tuvalu

working towards changing the law

As one of the first countries to experience the dire consequences of the effects of rising sea levels due to the Climate Crisis, Tuvalu is looking for solutions. 

gDiapers has partnered with their Government, along with Asia Pacific Waste Consulting, and Little & Brave, to prove the viability of our circular solution. 

We are currently analyzing the results of a 2 month trial with a report expected shortly to support legislative change in the coming months.

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Coming Pilot - London

London's calling...

In preparation for a London pilot, we have gathered partners including a London Borough, a commercial composter and a reverse logistics provider to deliver the full gCycle service. 

We are currently seeking capital from those who are radically committed to changing the world . Contact us if you would like to join our efforts in rolling out gCycle. It takes a village! 

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Where to next?

want to bring gCycle to your neighbourhood 

Councils currently accepting gCycle in government FOGO


(Food Organic Garden Organic Waste collection)


Circular Economy resources

going in  circles  

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