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Kim and Jason - co-founders of gDiapersThe day you discover you're going to be a parent you see the world through new eyes. When Kim and Jason Graham-Nye were expecting their first child, the status quo of disposability revealed to their new-parent eyes a stark reality: 50 million disposable diapers were being thrown away every single day in the United States. Every day! And each one of those 50 million disposable diapers would take 500 years to biodegrade. The weight of a garbage burden born from diapering a baby was revelatory. Surely, there had to be a better way to care for our babies and the earth at the same time.

Jason and Kim were on a mission to find that better way, one that could appeal to a generation reliant on convenience without sacrificing fit, function or environmental integrity. Obviously, conventional disposables were out. And cloth, while not posing a garbage burden, used too much water for Kim and Jason, who were living in drought-stricken Australia. A few months after their first son, Fynn, was born, they found it. A tiny company in Tasmania made flushable and compostable diaper inserts (wet ones only). Kim and Jason loved the idea of flushing dirty diapers. No more smell, no more mess, no more diaper garbage in the house. They loved even more the idea they could home compost the wet disposable inserts. They took Fynn's wet disposable inserts and in a short time had turned them into a nutrient rich compost for their veggie garden.

Jason and Kim brought this revolutionary new concept to the U.S. and created the gDiapers brand. Since then gDiapers has been making change, one diaper at a time, in Canada, Europe, and now Asia.


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