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Fair Dinkum. It's a fun way of saying be genuine. Be real. Have integrity. Be respectful. It's Australian in origin but the sentiment is global. Be genuine.

Fair Dinkum has been our guiding philosophy since founders Jason and Kim Graham-Nye introduced gDiapers in 2005. It affects how we conduct our business, how we interact with people, and how we care for the planet. It's infused into our intention to bring you thoughtfully-designed products that don't break the bank. Fair Dinkum IS our bottom line.

A Fair Dinkum philosophy can be applied to any business, and what it looks like may be completely different. But at gDiapers, this is what Fair Dinkum looks like to us:

  • On-site childcare at gDiapers

    On-site childcare, because parenting doesn't just happen outside of work.

  • gDiapers employee Tyle with son Lincoln.

    Lincoln popped up to say hi to Dad Tyler who has been with g since 2007.

  • Children are always welcome in the g office.

    Hadley helping out mom Heather in the office. Children are the heart of g.

B the Change: B Corp

gDiapers is proud and honored to be a certified B Corporation. B Corporations use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. It's like a LEED or Fair Trade certification, but for a business.

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How it all began: one day over breakfast

gDiapers owners Kim and JasonOne day over breakfast, Jason and Kim Graham-Nye came across an interesting fact. They found that conventional disposable diapers are the third largest contributors to landfills in the world. And yet only five percent of the population uses them. Crazy. It was a fact of stunning proportion met by another amazing fact: a single disposable diaper can take up to 500 years to biodegrade in the landfill. That got the Graham-Nyes thinking, since they were about to have a baby themselves. At 60 diapers a week until toilet training kicks in plus the likelihood of having more than one child, well, it was beyond comprehension.

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What does the little g stand for?

When we think of the words we use to describe our children, our world, our happiness and our dreams, a fun pattern takes shape. So many of those words begin with the letter g! Those g words are an endless source of inspiration to the gDiapers community. That little g is the glue that holds us all together, from grassroots to gentle to gorgeous and everything in between. Which g word resonates with you?

groovy great giddy giggle global grateful glee galore generous genius gorgeous genuine groovy great giddy giggle global grateful glee galore generous genius


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