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Original gDiapers - gPants & Inserts

part reusable part disposable totally adorabl

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Although we are not producing our "Original gDiapers" anymore due to COVID disrupting our supply chain, we designed gPants to last the test of time -  
which means there are plenty of second hand ones to be found. 
Please see the links below to find pre-loved gPants.  

Second Hand & otherbrands

As for inserts...we wish we could still be making our own gDiapers Disposable Inserts, but since COVID disrupted our supply chain we simply can't.   The good news is the technology is all in the pouch so almost anything works inside!
Here are links to other brands (although none are certified home compostable).  
We also have recommendations on cloth insets from our fabulous gMums & Dads: 


the right fit

babies come in all shapes and size

Since babies come in all shapes and sizes, diapers should too. That’s why we have five sizes of gPants: for the most comfortable & effective diaper to fit your baby’s changing shape. See both our diaper size chart and sizing tips below:

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Screen Shot 2021-06-21 at 10.02.21 pm.png

Here’s another way to look at sizes:

  • Newborn - for brand new babies 6 - 10 lbs (2-5 kg)

  • Small - for babies 8 - 14 lbs (3-7 kg)

  • Medium - for babies 13 - 28 lbs (5-13 kg)

  • Large - for babies 22 - 36 lbs (10-16 kg)

  • Extra Large - for babies 34 + lbs (15+ kg)

Diaper Sizing Tips

  • Most babies wear Medium longer than other sizes.

  • Some babies move up to Large around 8 months then come back down to Medium when mobility increases.

  • Many babies are done with diapers before they ever need Extra Large.

When to Move Up Diaper Sizes

Hooray! Your baby is growing! Here are some more indicators that your baby is ready for a new size:

  1. If you start to see leaks, and you’ve tried all the troubleshooting tips.

  2. If you begin to see deep red marks on baby’s skin that indicate the gPants are too tight and you have no room left to expand on the adjustable waistband.

  3. Your own gut instinct—it’s the best tool you could have!



If you have any hesitation about what size will best fit your baby, please contact us. We’d love to learn more about your little one and make sure he’s getting the most comfortable fit possible.

Handy User Guide

the straight poop on gDiapers with our H.U.

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