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Why gDiapers

gDiapers is changing the world of disposable diapers — top to bottom, inside and out. Our simple system pairs adorable soft cotton gPants diaper covers with Disposable Inserts that are flushable and compostable (wet ones only). gDiapers Disposable Inserts are Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver — a mark trusted around the world for ecologically intelligent design. Above all, gDiapers is dedicated to keeping babies clean, cute and comfortable — as part of a growing global community of parents who are looking for beautiful products: inside and out.

How to Use

Using gDiapers is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Pick a pair of colorful gPants, tuck in the insert, change your baby and hug.

Choose a colorful pair of gPants.

Choose a Color of gPants

Tuck Disposable Insert inside gPants.

gDiapers Inserts

Change your baby and hug.

Change your baby

How to Dispose

Flushable Diaper Inserts

Rip, Swish, Flush

Our Disposable Inserts can be safely flushed down the toilet in North America, putting poop where it belongs. It's as simple as rip, swish, flush. Before you take the first flush, know thy toilet. Read about precautions and tips. Then follow the simple directions and give us a ring if you have any questions.

Compost - Wet Disposable Inserts

Compost - Wet Disposable Inserts

Wet-only Disposable Inserts can be home composted, turning them into a resource. From diaper to dirt in the blink of an eye. Learn more about composting

What to Buy

gPant + Insert = gDiapers - gPants plus Disposable Inserts

gPants and Inserts

To get started with gDiapers, all you need are gPants and inserts. You can buy gPants individually or in assorted 6-packs. Each pair of gPants is ready to use with the included waterproof snap-in pouch, but you can buy extra pouches for added convenience. Buy Disposable Inserts in single packages, or 4-packs for stocking up.

Starter Bundles

We've put together these bundles to make the "easy as this" even easier and more economical.

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g is for gorgeous

New limited edition gPants. The disposable diaper of her future


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