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What exactly are gDiapers?

gDiapers combine convenience and care in one colorful diaper. On the inside, gDiapers Disposable Inserts are Cradle To Cradle Certified(cm) Silver, flushable and break down in home compost (wet ones only). On the outside, gDiapers soft cotton gPants are designed to let baby’s skin breathe and come in colors and prints that fit your style.

What do I need to get started?

All you need to use gDiapers are gPants and inserts. We've put together bundles to make getting started even easier and more economical.

The newborn bundle is the perfect place to start if you have a baby on the way. In it you will get 12 newborn gPants, six size small gPants and 2 bags of disposable inserts. Cloth inserts are not recommended in the newborn size. 

If your baby is already here and bigger than the newborn size, we recommend 6-8 pairs of gPants in each size. You can buy them individually to hand-pick the colors you want. Or you can choose the Sweet Bundle or Starter Bundle. Grab some extra pouches, too. Ideally, you should have 2 pouches for each pair of gPants in use.  The pouch will get poop on it, and you will need to switch it out during a diaper change.  In order to spread the wear on the pouches therefore extending the life on them, we suggest you have extras on hand. Plus they're really handy for the diaper bag!

Plan on about 10 diaper changes a day. Buy disposable inserts by the case and they'll last you about a month. If you buy from gDiapers  directly you can get set up with autoship, so you get your disposable inserts conveniently and predictably. No running out of diapers when you need them! Phew.

Do you have cloth inserts?

Yes! We do offer cloth diaper inserts as well. They work really well as doublers for when you need extra absorbency, or if you just prefer to cloth diaper in general. If you plan on using strictly gDiapers Cloth Inserts you should have 18-24 for each child, any more than that will buy you time between laundry days.  It's good to note though that cloth inserts will require more frequent changes.

What sizes do they come in?

You'll need gPants. And you'll need inserts.

gPants come in the following sizes:

newborn:  6-10 pounds
small:  8-14 pounds
medium:  13-28 pounds
large:  26-36 pounds
Xlarge:  34+ pounds

Disposable inserts come in:

Newborn/small – use in newborn and small gPants
Medium/large/xlarge – use in medium, large and xlarge gPants

Cloth inserts come in:

Small – use in small gPants (we do not recommend using cloth inserts in the newborn size)
Medium/large/xlarge – use in medium, large and xlarge gPants

Do you have a diaper service?

Yes! Kinda. Autoship is our subscription order program for cases of the disposable inserts. Just sign up on the product page by placing an order, choosing your size and frequency of delivery, and then we'll send you your inserts at the frequency you chose. It's predictable, convenient, and always has free shipping. Free shipping for autoship is limited at this time to orders placed in the contiguous US. Autoship is not available in Canada. Yet.

Where are gDiapers available?

gDiapers are available in the US, Canada and in the UK (gNappies). Buy gDiapers right here from our official online store and get free shipping with minimum purchase. Or visit our store locator to find a store near you, or to find other online retailers.

What are the gDiapers made out of?

Our disposable inserts are the only diaper to be certified Cradle to Cradle(cm) Silver, which means that everything that goes into them will go back to the earth in a neutral or positive way. They are made of cellulose rayon, fluffed wood pulp, and super absorber. That's it. They're elemental chlorine free, latex free, perfume free and dye free. The cellulose rayon and fluffed wood pulp comes from sustainably grown and harvested softwood. Super absorber is sodium polyacrylate (SAP) and is a non-toxic water absorbing polymer. Our disposable inserts are made in the USA.

gPants are 92% cotton and 8% spandex. The snap-in pouch is a breathable nylon.

gDiapers Cloth inserts are made of 2 layers of polyester microfleece and 2 layers of hemp/cotton.

What are the care instructions?

gPants: Remove the gPants pouch. Close velcro tabs. Machine was cold or warm with like colors. Machine dry.

Cloth inserts: Prep cloth inserts before first use by washing 3x on hot, no detergent. Dry in between washes. For regular care, machine wash warm or hot with a small amount of cloth-safe detergent. Avoid added enzymes, whiteners, or fabric softeners. Simplicity is best. Machine or line dry.

Pouches: Machine wash cold or warm. Air dry or tumble dry low. Avoid excessive handwashing. No vinegar. No bleach.

Can I use gDiapers overnight?

You bet. But different babies have different needs for overnight. Some are fine with using just one disposable insert. But if your baby needs extra absorption, here are some popular options:

The sushi roll – tuck in one disposable insert like normal. Then take a second insert and roll up so it makes a smallish rectangle. Place it on top of the first insert, in the middle for girls, up front for boys.

Insert plus doubler – tuck in a cloth insert. Lay a disposable insert ontop of the cloth insert.

Hemp sandwich – Using two cloth inserts, place the hemp sides together so that they're in the middle, fleece side faces baby's bottom. Then tuck them inside the gPant.

Where are gDiapers made?

Our disposable inserts and gWipes are made in the USA. Our gPants and Cloth inserts are made in China. We get asked how come we're not 100% made in the USA. One day, we'd love that to happen. Right now, we put in place the best business practices in the cities and regions that specialize in particular parts of manufacturing to keep our costs at a low enough point that our customers can afford them. For instance, the bulk of the paper industry is in the US. So our disposable inserts and gWipes are made here in the US. The textile industry is largely overseas, so our gPants and Cloth are manufactured in China. Regardless of location, we work very hard to ensure the factory's environmental practices exceed government standards (the factory in China is cutting edge with equipment that is earth-friendly, it's really so very cool) and that employees are paid livable wages. gDiapers is a global company with its roots in Australia, its headquarters in Portland, Oregon, and its products made in the places that know best how to make them. It's all so that we can do business sustainably, from the ground up.

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