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new diapers are delivered to your door

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used diapers are collected each week

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waste composts and regenerates the earth  

NEW gCycle

what are your diapers doing next?
ours are destined for greatness

watch the gCycle video

UN SDGs & C40 Cities

working towards zero waste

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Decouple production from fossil fuels
Reduce single use plastic consumption
Reduce solid waste
Reduce landfill bound waste
Reduce CO2e from landfills
Sequester CO2e through SOM (Soil Organic Matter)
Regenerate natural systems
Reduce ocean plastic pollution

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if only 15% of babies in London switched to gCycle 

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Based on the City of Hobart current sales of compost containing partner brand Eenee compostable nappies at AU$75/m3

CE 100 Report

implementating gCycle
in your area

implement in your area

In partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation the following collaborative report was published to tackle plastic diaper waste in cities around the world. 

Grab a cup of tea and enjoy the read...and then reach out and we can have a chat about how to support your efforts to bring gCycle to your neighborhood.


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Linear vs. Recycling vs. Circular

no landfill nece

Why nappy recycling is not the answer:


depletion of fossil fuels as nappies continue to be made out of plastic


recycled products continue to create waste as down-cycled products ultimately go to landfill


large scale infrastructure and investment creates barriers for developing economies and limits replicability

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gCycle pilots

see gCycle in the field

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