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Newborn gPants 6-pack

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Supplement your newborn gPants stash to go longer between washes.
Perfectly sized for newborns

Newborn gPants are perfect for brand new babies. If you're brand new to gDiapers, we recommend starting with the Newborn Bundle. It has everything you need to get started from day one. If you already have gPants in other sizes, or are looking to add to your newborn gPants stash, then the Newborn gPants 12-Pack is a great way to keep your baby covered. Fits babies 6-10 lbs. Use with size small Disposable Inserts you can flush or compost (wet ones only).

Caring for gPants

gPants are made from soft cotton. No tight elastic around the legs–just a comfy rib and beautiful color.

  • Wash gPants in cold or warm with baby's or your clothes (close tabs before washing)
  • Tumble or line dry
Features and benefits

Inside each pair of gPants is a waterproof, breathable pouch, which creates a seal against baby’s skin. It is this seal that makes gDiapers famously leak proof.

  • Made with our patented gBreathe technology, which means less rash
  • Newborn pouch is sewn in for a trim fit
How many?

gDiapers, like any diaper, need to be changed every two to four hours. Newborns may need more frequent changes, so we recommend 12 newborn gPants for full-time use. Our newborn/small inserts come in packages of 40. Buy inserts by the case (4-pack) to stock up and save money.


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