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Extra gPants Pouches

Regular price $30.00

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Write a review

Regular price $30.00

The gPants pouch snaps in and out for quick changes.

  • Made with our patented gBreathe technology, which means less rash
  • Easily snaps out for cleaning
  • Rinse or wash and air-dry for re-use in minutes
  • Package contains 6 pouches

Size Chart

Just breathe

Each pair of gPants comes with one gPants pouch already snapped inside, but it’s a good idea to have extra for the diaper bag or changing table. Made with gDiapers' unique gBreathe™ technology, the gPants pouch provides the waterproof barrier in gPants while allowing your baby's delicate skin to breathe. More breathability means less rash. Pouches can be removed easily for quick changes. So you can change the pouch, not the whole pair of pants.

Contents and care

The gPants pouch is made of breathable nylon. Machine wash cold or warm. Air dry. Avoid excessive handwashing. No vinegar. No bleach. Pouches have a lifespan of 9-12 months with proper care, so buying extras helps spread the wear and tear.

Just the right size

Available in two size options, small and medium/large/xl (newborn gPants have the pouch sewn in). Use inside gPants. Package includes 6 pouches.


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