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Find the Right Size

"One size fits all" isn’t an accurate statement. Babies come in all shapes and sizes, so a diaper that comes in multiple sizes designed to fit them at their specific stages of growth will be the most comfortable and effective diaper. This is why we have five sizes of gPants to meet your baby’s changing shape. See our reusable sizing guide below:

Diaper Sizing Guide

for our reusable gPants

  • Newborn - for brand new babies 6 - 10 lbs (2-5 kg)
  • Small - for babies 8 - 14 lbs (3-7 kg)
  • Medium - for babies 13 - 28 lbs (5-13 kg)
  • Large - for babies 22 - 36 lbs (10-16 kg)
  • Extra Large - for babies 34 + lbs (15+ kg)

for our disposable diaper inserts

  • Newborn/Small - fits inside newborn and small gPants.
  • Medium/Large/X-Large - fits inside medium, large, and extra large gPants.

Most babies will wear the size medium longer than the other sizes. And some babies will move up to a size large between 8 and 10 months only to come back down to a medium when mobility increases. And many babies will be done with diapers completely before the x-large is required. Like we said, babies come in all shapes and sizes, so these are guidelines, not hard and fast rules, based on an enormous amount of fit testing and customer feedback. If you have any hesitation about what size will best fit your baby, please contact us. We’d love to learn more about your little one and make sure they get the most comfortable fit possible.


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