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Damp gPants

gDiapers Cloth Inserts are made of 4 layers of absorbent fabrics. The top two layers are a soft microfleece that pulls moisture away from baby’s skin. The bottom two layers are a hemp/cotton blend that holds the moisture. These bottom layers are what sit directly against the waterproof pouch, which is permeable to vapor to allow airflow to baby’s skin. The waterproof pouch will not permit liquid to pass through, but if a Washable Insert is full and those two bottom layers are at capacity, they can emit vapor through the pouch, causing a damp feeling.

This isn’t a feeling noticed in traditional disposable diapers, because they contain a plastic layer that inhibits not only wetness, but airflow as well, a contributing factor to diaper rash. And many cloth diaper covers have a synthetic outer, which also inhibits airflow. Our waterproof pouches are made of a breathable, water-resistant nylon, similar to sports clothing, allowing air to circulate against baby’s skin and helping keep diaper rash at bay.

If you're using Cloth Inserts and you find the gPants feel damp after 2 hours or so, it might simply mean you need to change the Cloth Insert more frequently. It means the Cloth Insert has been wet long enough that it is starting to permeate through the pouch. Because the wetness is trapped in the core of our Disposable Inserts, it's less likely to happen.

The water resistant layer on the pouches can also be compromised by care. Make sure you are washing them in warm water (no bleach, no vinegar) and either air drying them or tumble drying them on low.


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