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Overnight Diapers

Tips to keep your baby dry and warm all night long

After you kiss your baby goodnight, you hope she sleeps until morning—or at least until that first feeding of the night. So how do you ensure she won’t wake from a wet diaper? One of the great things about using gDiapers is that you have lots of options to find the perfect method for you and your baby.

Many babies sleep through the night comfortably using only one Disposable Insert. But some babies require a little extra absorbency, particularly during growth spurts when their output increases. If you have an extra heavy wetter on your hands, here are a few options:

Overnight Diapering Tips for Heavy Wetters

Tip #1: Use One Disposable Insert

Many babies sleep comfortably using only one Disposable Insert.

Tip #2: Double the Disposable Inserts

For babies who need extra absorbency, particularly during growth spurts, tuck the first insert in normally. Then lay the second insert over the top. If you’re using M/L/XL inserts, layering a Newborn/Small insert over the top reduces bulk while still adding absorbency.

Tip #3: Fold the Diaper Insert

Another double insert method is folding it into thirds or fourths, then place the folded insert where the extra absorbency is needed (up front for boys, in the middle for girls).

Tip #4: Double the Cloth Inserts

Place two Cloth Inserts together, hemp/cotton sides together with microfleece sides out, then tuck into the pouch. One customer called this the "hemp sandwich"—and it stuck!

No matter which trick you use to get your little one through the night, you’re adding bulk, so pay extra close attention when you fasten the gPants. Be sure the trim of the waterproof pouch is sitting against baby’s skin. If there are gaps, you could have leaks, no matter how much extra bulk you add.

Like the saying goes, every child is different, so explore different methods and tips to find the right fit for you. And please contact us if you have any questions or tips to share about overnight baby diapers!



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