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Overnight Use

Many babies can sleep through the night comfortably using only one Disposable Insert. But some babies require a little extra, particularly during growth spurts where their output tends to increase. We have a few different options for overnight use when extra absorbency is needed.

Tips for using gDiapers overnight

  • Use 2 Disposable Inserts - Tuck the first Disposable Insert in normally. Then take a second and lay it straight over the top. You may find, for extra absorbency, that you prefer to fold the second insert into thirds or fourths. Place the folded insert where the extra absorbency is most needed (up front for boys, in the middle for girls).
  • Hybrid - Tuck in a Cloth Insert normally. Then take a Disposable Insert and either lay it on top of the Cloth Insert normally, or for maximum absorbency, fold the Disposable Insert into thirds or fourths and place it where it is needed the most.
  • Use 2 Cloth Inserts - Take two Cloth Inserts and place them together so that the hemp/cotton sides touch, and the whiter microfleece sides face outward. A customer coined this "the hemp sandwich." Tuck "the hemp sandwich" into the gPants normally.

No matter which trick you use to get your little one through the night, you’re adding bulk, so pay extra close attention when you fasten your gDiapers on your baby and be sure that the trim of the waterproof pouch is sitting against baby’s skin. If there are gaps, you could have leaks, no matter how much extra bulk you add.


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