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Where to Start

To use gDiapers you need gPants (those are our breathable cotton diaper covers) and inserts (disposable and/or cloth).


How many gPants do you need?

We recommend you have at least 6-8 gPants per size. You can re-use gPants throughout the day, only swapping out the soiled insert at changes, but sometimes the gPants will get soiled and you'll want to have clean ones at the ready. Having 6-8 means you'll always have clean gPants ready to use, plus an extra for the diaper bag or care provider.

Each pair of gPants comes with one waterproof pouch already snapped in. It's recommended that you have extra pouches on hand, just in case the one in the gPants gets soiled. Some parents choose to buy all their gPants up front and have them ready to go. Others opt to buy the size they need, as they need them.

How many inserts do you need?

Cloth inserts require more frequent changes, so you'll want to plan to have plenty to get you through a full day of changes, plus a few extra. Cloth Inserts are sold in packages of 6. We recommend having a total of 18-24 Cloth Inserts per size.

We have several value bundle options, or pick and choose the colors and prints you love most and buy them individually. There's even a great re-sale market for gPants!



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get your disposable inserts delivered, automagically.

With the gNappies autoship program, you get our disposable inserts delivered to your door in the quantity you want, at the frequency you want, saving 10% every time.

here's how to set up autoship.

  1. Choose a size of disposable inserts.
  2. Select the button next to 'Autoship' and choose your frequency.
  3. Add to cart. You're done!

So now you're set. You'll get your first order right away. And then you'll get your next order when it's scheduled. Your card will be charged when each subsequent order is automagically placed.

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