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Podcast Episode: Balance

March 21, 2017

Artist. Massage Therapist. Mother of 3 “high energy” boys. Angie Smith is busy, yet somehow maintains calm — and balance — through it all. 
Angie first identified herself as an artist when she was 10 years old. She launched her career before having her first child; however, once she had her first son (now 10 years old) her art career “went on pause.” 
We discussed the balance between art and motherhood; between chaos and art. 


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Quotes From This Episode: 

“I was fully-emerged in being a mother. I did not really create in the time he was born until he was 18 months.”
“I was so wrapped up in being the best mother I could be to him, that I put everything for me on hold for a bit … including art.”
“I felt it all come back to me. It made me happy. It made me calm. When he woke up, I felt like I was a better mother.”
“Easier to balance now that I have 3 children. They are their own little tribe now.”
“100%. Having children has made me a better artist.”

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Meet the host: DJ Waldow

DJ Waldow is a husband, father (of 4... including TWINS!), and a 7-year gDiapers user—his children, not him. He's an advocate, a super-fan, and an overall lover of the gDiaper brand, product, and community. DJ also happens to have his own marketing company, 3LTRZ, where he helps clients with content creation—like podcasts. DJ has launched 3 (now 4) podcasts over the years, recording over 100 episodes!


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