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Introducing the newest gPants: Gene & Genie!

April 5, 2017

Are you ready to see the new gPants?! We sure are. We’ve been waiting for ten years for these! We’ve tried lots of fabric samples, hemmed and hawed, but we never could find the perfect fit that was soft, light, and chic...until now. Watch the video below to see more!

Truly adorable, comfy jeans diapers

Did we mention how soft these are? They’re perfect for those spring and summer outfits. Imagine your little one wearing these with a t-shirt and sunhat. Irresistible!

The best part about Gene and Genie is that on top of the style and versatility of denim, they are also very very comfy. The fabric is the reason we were finally able to make them after all these years. They are just perfectly suited for your baby’s soft skin.

Order yours today and share pics of your sweet babe on social. We can’t wait to see your gBaby dressed up and ready for sunshine and springtime adventures!


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