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gStories: Camping with gDiapers

June 22, 2016

Whether you’re a seasoned camper or a beginner, camping with your little one can be lots of fun. (Really!) gMum Michelle has some advice on breathing easy and letting everyone have a good time:

What motivates you to bring your son camping?

One of my biggest dreams for my son is that he continues to love the outdoors like his father, especially when I see so many children addicted to iPads, video games, and television. My favorite part about camping with my son is that it's stress-free, so we have quality time together where I don't have to worry about housework or anything else.

How do you use gDiapers when you go camping?

Our family does a lot of camping, and it's one of my favorite times to use gDiapers! When camping, we try to leave no trace. Using gDiapers makes that possible with a little one. We use our wet bags and can easily take with us what we brought with no additional garbage. Plus, we use less clothes when there's a cute diaper to show off! Ha!

Bryce exploring his campsite in style. Photo credit: Michelle Peck

Bryce exploring his campsite in style. Photo credit: Michelle Peck

What’s the one thing you definitely bring along for your son?

My son loves to travel all around the campground so a major essential for camping with him is a wagon or stroller.

Do you have any advice for parents camping for the first time?

The first time I took my son camping as a baby, I wish I would have been better prepared for bath time. Bath time is a big part of our bedtime routine, and he was so dirty that bathing was a must. He really didn't appreciate the cold open shower room at the campground! I was sure to bring a baby bath tub with me the next times.

We’re so happy gDiapers can come along on your adventures, Michelle! We can’t wait to hear how your son’s love of the outdoors continues to grow.

Parent tip: You have options when camping with Disposable Inserts. You can pack out what you packed in with a wet bag, or flush them in commercial toilets (making sure to follow flush guidelines). Avoid putting them in outhouses or portable toilets as the inserts can clog their pumps. Camping with baby can be even more flexible than you thought, huh?

Do you take your gDiapers camping? Share your advice below!


  • Absolutely love this series, thank you for all of the great info.

    Daniel Joseph on

  • My family and I, along with many friends, go camping every Memorial Day weekend in our Medieval style yurt. One year I had two kids in diapers and I did it all with cloth. Okay, I had to borrow a friend’s insert stash but we survived the whole weekend. That was also the year that both my babies were still taking milk in bottles; my youngest still taking several bottles of donated breast milk a day. That was fun: sterilizing all those bottles and setting up milk to defrost. Haha, what an adventure!

    Denise Hall on

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