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Show us your diaper changing station!

October 4, 2012

Thank you to Christine, who shared with us a photo of her changing station. Man oh man what we’d give to be as organized as Christine! What’s on your changing station? What does your diaper disposal system look like? Send us your pics. Or post them to Pinterest with #gdiapers.

We see a new business in Christine’s future: changing station design and installation.

Your changing station can be as simple or complex as you want/need it to be. It all comes down to how you gDiaper. Christine is a hybrid user, she uses cloth inserts part time and disposable inserts part time. So she needs a station that incorporates both.

“Top shelf, giant bottle of hand sanitizer in the back. Wipe warmer has gWipes in it for “big” messes. It’s not plugged in anymore, we just use it for easy storage of wipes. Beside that is a bowl of our homemade wipes. They are kept dry and I use the spray bottle to wet them when needed. Spray bottle is water and tea tree oil drops (Our home made wipes are baby wash cloths cut in half.) Basket in the back has our extra gPouches. I haven’t used the gCloth liners yet. We have those for when our baby gets older and is on more solid foods. Beside the cart is a trash can for the dirty cloths and we hang a laundry bag in the front for home made wipes, gPants and gPouches. I wash the cloth inserts about every other day and the gPants, etc when needed. We have about 8 pairs of gPants and 24 cloth inserts. I add baking soda to the dry bag, which helps the smell.” -Christine

On the flipside, a full-time disposable inserts user (like me, Kelli) the station is a bit simpler: one basket with gPants, inserts and wipes. Another with changing pad and extra pouches. Cause let’s face it, I changed my baby on the bed. Or the floor. Or the couch. I pulled the changing pad out of the basket, a new gPant and disposable inserts out of the other, and set to work. Ta and da.

Back in the day when snap-in pouches were called snap-in liners, and disposable inserts were called flushables, and Maggie was a baby, I shared this diaper disposal system home tip:

Another tip, from a few year’s back (but still so very valid) is what to do with g’s when out and about, courtesy of another Christine:


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