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gFFs? yes.

October 17, 2012

This picture was posted on our facebook page and it prompted us to say “Awesome!” and then immediately follow up with “Tell us about it!”. And thankfully, she did. Thank you Charlotte for telling us a story.

gFFs? yes.

Two and a half years ago my family moved to Portland, OR away from everything we’d ever known. Away from our extended family, and friends we went to grade school with. I had started using gDiapers just before having my second son only months after the move and followed the company on facebook. When there was an event invite for a gTea at the offices I decided that it would be a good opportunity to meet other moms in the area who were also using the product and meet the fabulous employees who help get the product on my baby’s bum. After all, we were pretty alone in this new place. Within minutes of realizing that I was new to the area and gDiapers itself, Kim asked if I’d met Jaimey. Which of course I hadn’t….yet. She insisted I had to and I was open to making new friends. I needed that.


I met a few other moms there that day though and soon enough did meet Jaimey. We all reconnected while volunteering to work a booth at an expo and with the time to chat and learn about one another we decided that no one was crazy and we could safely exchange numbers. We later found one another on facebook and set up play dates; I met Courtney through our play date and Jeannette at a subsequent tea then found other locals on facebook and we all just kept talking about anything and everything. At first we connected over the addiction to all the gorgeous colors of gPants but soon enough we realized our children liked each other….WE liked each other. We talked about family, about joys and disappointments, sharing great news and sad news and being an open ear for one another without judgment. No pretense just friendship.

Our families are all so diverse. One has all girls, the rest of have all boys. One has a tortoise on a farm and another used to be bleach blond living by the coast, one was in the Navy, one was in ministry yet we connected on the commonality of gDiapers and Fair Dinkum. There’s something about having common ground that makes it easier to say, “Let’s get together at my house. Let’s be friends.” Thanks to the community building at gDiapers through gTeas and functions and facebook, we had a common place to meet and allow friendship to grow. I am so very thankful for the beautiful women I got to share the weekend with and the company that facilitated the spark of friendship. And the many, many other friends I’ve made as a direct result from their efforts. I’ve seen the community rally for each other, support one another, support each other’s passions, small businesses, and be there for each other through it all. We’ve opened our homes to one another and we opened our hearts too. And for all that, my world is a richer one.

– Charlotte


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