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We’re going to do WHAT?!

March 6, 2013

It’s simple really. Earth Hour is on March 23rd. It’s when the world comes together to completely unplug for a whole hour. Because change starts with actions that are as simple as flipping a switch to “off.”

As part of Earth Hour, individuals, groups, organizations and (even) countries are proposing challenges. “I Will if You Will.” The idea is to get you to commit to a new act or behavior that has a positive effect on our global community. So we’ve crafted one of our own.

Commit to planting a seed between now and Earth Day (so we’re giving you an even longer time frame to work with here), and in exchange we’ll let our kids run the office for a whole day. Not kidding. The spreadsheets are going to be so colorful! Just think of what new products they’ll come up with! All you have to do is click on through to our challenge and click “I accept.” That’s it. If 5,000 people do it, it’s game on at gHQ. And it’s going to be nuts. 

Will you accept our challenge? Click on through and accept. It’s the easiest challenge you’ll ever take on. Not to mention how awesome it is to plant something, anything, and to help it grow!

Bonus points: share this challenge. Post it on your facebook page, tweet the heck out of it, pin it. Cause, dang, won’t our kids be sad if we don’t reach 5,000? :0(


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