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g is for Grandma & Grandpa

January 12, 2015

January 8th was quite the day. For fans of Elvis, it was his birthday. If the cheeseburgers hadn’t claimed him, he would have been 80. At gDiapers, we celebrated another very special birthday: the very first day on planet earth for Scarlet Irene. She is Jill’s, one of our fabulous investors, very first granddaughter. Jill has eight kids so we suspect there will be many more grandkids for her. But with the birth of Scarlet, Jill and Jimmy added Grandma and Grandpa to their long list of titles.

Jill has been a true gBeliever since Kim & I moved to the US 10 years ago, providing unwavering support of our vision and mission.

We can’t imagine what it must be like when your baby has a baby! We get so caught up wrestling with the day to day of diapers, feeding, sleeping and watching them grow to walk, talk, head off to Kindy then real school, make friends, play footy and cricket (football and baseball for our American cousins), and then… and then they meet someone special, get married (or not) and then hey presto… baby time. In the blink of an eye we guess.

At gDiapers, we have always known it takes a village to raise a child. We have only recently come to realize it takes a village to raise a parent as well. Parenting is not a solo sport. Even single parents rely on the knowledge and wisdom of generations before them.

So to Jill and Jimmy, we say congratulations and welcome to grandparenthood. To Scarlet, welcome to the world! And to her mama and papa, welcome to the greatest role you’ll ever play. We, and the whole gCommunity, are with you!

Today, Jill and hubby Jimmy are reveling as grandparents and of course using gDiapers from the get-go.


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