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The beauty within imperfection

January 21, 2015

Growing up I thought my mother made the best butter on toast in the entire world. Even now when I visit her, it warms me from the inside out. It’s not extravagant or fancy, and I’ve been able to butter my own toast for a long time now. But, for some reason, mine never tastes quite like hers. She always laughs and says it is because it’s “Made with Love.”

And I absolutely believe this to be true.

Love is a defining ingredient for life. At g, we do our best to put love into everything we create.  From products that touch your babies to the relationships we have with our vendors, we believe in the power of love and intention. Fortunately, love isn’t defined by perfection. But that’s the point. If something is “Made with Love,” there is beauty and meaning to be found within the imperfection. 

The imperfection is a personal signature that increases the value – a stamp of authenticity that can’t be duplicated. No one else on earth could have made it exactly the same. So let’s reframe our perception of the imperfect. From the way we parent to the hand-knitted sweater with the shorter left sleeve, we need to let go of perfect expectations and embrace the imperfect.

On our trip back to Canada a few weeks ago, my boys were excited to try my mum’s famous butter on toast. I savored every mouthful, from the melting butter to the perfectly toasted bread.  The boys, on the other hand, ate it quickly and commented, “It’s just regular toast, mum.” But before they left the table, they asked, “But could you please make us a cup of tea? You make the best tea in the entire world!”

Share what you have “Made with Love” that is beautifully imperfect and join us in celebrating the beauty within imperfection at #madewithlove.

Visit us on Facebook for more #madewithlove fun. And Made with Love gPants are available now at!


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