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6 surprising uses for Disposable Inserts

March 22, 2016

You may already have a stash of our Disposable Inserts at home for your baby’s diaper changes, but did you know they could do so much more? We’ve collected some interesting stories from you, our ingenious gCommunity, about how you’ve turned these into handy tools, whether planned or not:

For household mishaps

With a baby in the house, inserts may more likely be within reach than a stack of towels. When one gMum’s dishwasher overflowed, she cleaned up the mess with inserts. And we used them in a flood here at gHQ when our washing machine was installed improperly.

For wagging tails

We actually sell inserts to a company that makes dog diapers. Apparently, inserts fit around more than just baby bums!

For postpartum relief

One gMum discovered that inserts work great as postpartum pads. Another tip: try adding witch hazel to one for added pain relief.

For house plant TLC

Inserts have been placed under planters and even Christmas trees to protect hardwood floors. And did you know you could go longer between watering plants if you put an insert at the bottom of a pot before planting?

For catching rain

Do you have a leak in your roof? While you’re waiting to have it fixed, place an insert under it to catch the drips.

For going on-the-go

We’ve heard of a mom placing an insert inside a travel potty for emergency pit stops. That sounds like much less mess to clean up.

Have you used the Disposable Inserts in an unusual way? Share below and you may just help another parent in a pinch!


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