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we need you to
change diapers

Every minute over 380,000 plastic disposable diapers
enter landfills or pollute our
Watch to learn why diapers need a change.  

We are gathering impact investors, policy makers, C40 Cities, and communities around the world, to launch our new gCycle circular economy solution in your neighbourhood.

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NEW gCycle

our diapers are
too good to waste

watch the gCycle video

gDiapers' newest innovation is a patented plastic free disposable diaper complete with full delivery and collection service.  Not only does this stop plastic pollution at the source, it allows diapers to be collected and composted into nutrient rich soil, replenishing the earth. We call it gCycle and we can't wait to bring it to your neighbourhood.



for our "Og" community

about us

it's a g thing

When Covid disrupted our supply chain, we stopped producing our "original" gDiapers (gPants & inserts).  Of course we know many families are still using gs, either on siblings or through the second hand market, so we promise to be here, with links and info, to support you on all things 'Og'. 


We see a world where products are designed and manufactured responsibly.

Where products are created with the end in mind. 

Where waste is simply a design flaw. 

This is the circular economy and it gets us well beyond sustainability and into a world of abundance.


the future is here...

no plastic. 
no pollution.
no w


"If we want to reduce
      plastic waste...

we need to stop making
      things out of

Kim Graham-Nye - gDiapers co-founder
TEDx Sydney 

made only with ingredients mothenature is proud to take back

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