g is for giving.

There are lots of ways to give or ask for gDiapers.

registry and gift

giving gDiapers means you give a care.

Is someone you know expecting a new baby? First, hooray! New babies are super fun. Second, we can help you give a great gift. Get them started with the gift of a gBaby Bundle. It's perfectly packaged with all they need to start using gDiapers on day one.

have a good, green, and groovy baby shower.

Expecting? Chances are you'll be the lucky recipient of a baby shower. And as the ooh's and ahh's stream in, so will gifts for your new baby, some you'll delight over, some you'll cross your fingers that there's a gift receipt. Have more of the former by letting your guests know that you want gDiapers. No plastic diapers, please. Download our printable shower invite inserts and tuck them inside your invitations. Guests will appreciate you taking the guesswork out of diapers, leaving them more time for the ooh's and ahh's (and the finger foods...).

add gDiapers to your registry.

You can register for gDiapers on any of these gorgeous retail partners of ours: wish list

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Or simply give the gift of gDiapers with a gift certificate, redeemable right here on