gDiapers worldwide?

Not quite there yet, but someday. gDiapers are available online and in stores in the US, Canada and UK.


gDiapers are available online and in stores at select retailers in the United States, Canada and the UK. We're not quite ready to grow into other countries, but still feel welcome to email us with your interest.

United StatesUnited States

gDiapers are an Australian-designed product, but a US company. Launched in 2005, customers can now find gDiapers at baby stores, boutiques, natural products stores and online retailers from coast to coast.


We’ve partnered with for all orders shipped to and within Canada. offers free shipping, quick delivery, Amazon Moms, Subscribe n Save, and the complete gDiapers product line.

United KingdomUnited Kingdom

What's the difference between gDiapers and gNappies? Just the name, love. gNappies are available through and select online retailers in the UK.


Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Read all about gDiapers on our German info site. Please note that the German site is not set up for online shopping, but you can purchase from or select retailers.