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GreenShippinggDiapers is proud to partner with GreenShipping to make US order shipments carbon neutral. Shipping generates over 10% of the world’s green house gas emissions. GreenShipping's service allows gDiapers to deliver US shipments in a carbon neutral manner by measuring and offsetting the carbon footprint of UPS, FedEx, and USPS shipments.  

GreenShipping provides a map-based interface which shows the shiptment allows  location and status.  Once a shipment is delivered, the carbon footprint of that shipment is calculated and the carbon offset is charged to gDiapers. GreenShipping uses the funds collected to purchase carbon offsets from Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF).

There are a number of carbon offset organizations to choose from. GreenShipping chooses BEF for the following reasons:

  • BEF is a non-profit organization and uses proceeds from the offset sales to fund environmental education, to expand the use of renewable energy, and for projects like restoration of watersheds.
  • Only 2% of US electricity is generated from renewable resources. While reduction of global carbon emissions is the goal, BEF Carbon Offsets fund the construction of NEW renewable energy projects in North America which are displacing polluting fossil-fuel generation.
  • All of the renewable sources of BEF’s Carbon Offsets meet rigorous environmental criteria endorsed by leading regional and national environmental organizations including The Natural Resources Defense Council.


For more information about BEF's Carbon Offsets, please visit For more information about GreenShipping, visit