spread the word about gDiapers.

Do you find yourself talking to others about gDiapers? You're not alone. Turns out, it's totally a thing. Be a gMum or gDad.


you are super …

gMums in action… super passionate about the things you love, like your baby. And the planet. And chances are you’re using gDiapers because we’re passionate about those things, too. So we think that you (being super) and us (being super as well) should join forces and spread the word (capes not required)! 


your superpowers …

 … are limitless. The gMum and gDad program was created because so many customers came to us asking for ways that they could help tell people about gDiapers, or, to tell us the things that they were already doing. Like demonstrating gDiapers to their playgroup. Or blogging about gDiapers. Or making YouTube videos detailing their changing station. Powerful stuff, for sure.


wanna do this? sign up to be a gMum/Dad.

Proud gMum and daughterFill out a quick little form and you'll officially be a part of the program. We'll keep you posted if we have goodies to share or opportunies for you to take part in. And if you have an event that you think gDiapers should be a part of, let us know! 

By the way, there’s no commitment. You can resume your non-gMum/Dad life at any time. And your personal information is of course strictly confidential.