life happens during business hours.

We believe work and family can go together better. That's why we've been family-centered company from the start.

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work smarter. not harder.

gDiapers believes that work and family can go together better. We are a family-centered company and have been since conception. Offering onsite childcare has always been a part of the company vision, and we have been so fortunate as to partner with Growing Seeds, a leader in early childhood development. They share the same core values as we do: to nurture a happy future by fostering respect for each other and the environment.

Growing Seeds child development communitySo from the very moment in 2005 when gDiapers opened the front door of the home office in NW Portland, we made sure there was a place set up for our kids to romp, to learn, to rest, and to grow. And that's just a part of the equation. The other part is supporting the crazy notion that parents need to be parents around the clock. We know there's a lot of work to be done. But the old formula that dictated work had to happen at a desk, in the office, between the hours of 8am and 5pm just didn't make sense. Jason and Kim start their day early so that they can be home when their boys get home from school. Some of the gTeam work long hours 4 days a week to have an extra day at home with the kiddos. And lots of us log off early every day to take care of the homefront, spend quality time with our families, and then log back in from home to keep gDiapers growing. Life happens around the clock. So we make it an utmost priority to trust in each other, get the work done when it makes sense, and to never neglect those that mean the most to us. We've always been this way. But as it turns out, it actually has a name. It's called being Flex-Friendly. We are proud to be a Flex-Friendly Certified company, sustainable from the inside out, starting with our people.

So here we all are. Happy Babies. Happy Parents.