rainbow g's 6-pack

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  • rainbow g 6-pack
  • rainbow g 6-pack
  • rainbow g 6-pack
  • rainbow g 6-pack
  • rainbow g 6-pack
  • rainbow g 6-pack
  • rainbow g 6-pack
  • cotton gPants with breathable snap-in pouch

rainbow g's 6-pack

6 gPants to get you started, or to stock up. Choose from small, medium or large.
Size large out of stock.

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It's a rainbow of g's

Includes good fortune red, great orange, good morning sunshine yellow, guppy green, go fish blue, and gooseberry purple.

What goes inside

Use disposable or cloth inserts inside reusable gPants (inserts sold separately). Disposable inserts are made of cellulose, fluff pulp and super absorber. They can be flushed, composted (wet ones only please) or tossed. When the insert is soiled, simply remove from the gPant, dispose, and tuck in a new insert for a fresh change. Use the same gPant through multiple changes. Change out the snap-in pouch when dirty.


gDiapers insert

Features and benefits


Each pair of gPants comes with one waterproof pouch that snaps in and out for added convenience and less laundry. The waterproof pouch is made with gBreathe technology which means less rash for baby. Gentle stretch means more comfort and a flexible fit. Use with disposable inserts that you can flush, compost (wet ones only) or toss. 

Just the right size

gPants are perfectly sized for a trim fit, from newborn to toddler. gPants come in sizes newborn, small, medium, large and extra large. Not all colors are available in extra large. Newborn gPants are available exclusively in white and come in the newborn bundle.

gDiapers size chart

Contents and care

gPants are 92% cotton, 8% spandex for a gentle stretch and trim fit. gPants fasten around the back, away from little hands. Machine wash cold or warm, machine or line dry. Close tabs and remove snap-in pouch before washing.

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