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newborn bundle

From tiny to small, this bundle has your baby covered.

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getting started day one

If you're planning on using gDiapers on your new baby from the get go, the newborn bundle will set you up nicely.

the newborn bundle includes:

12 newborn gPants - Perfectly sized for brand new babies, newborn gPants snap down in the front for the umbilical cord to heal. A gentle leg trim lets tiny legs curl up naturally.

6 small gPants - (2 guppy green, 2 great orange, and 2 gWords print) When baby's outgrown the newborn gPants, the size small will be there for a trim and comfortable fit for up to14 lbs. 

80 small disposable inserts - Use inside the newborn gPants or the small gPants. Disposable inserts are can be flushed, composted (wet ones only, please) or tossed.

1 swishstick – For those who choose to flush the disposable inserts.

We recommend the disposable inserts inside the newborn gPants, which is why we include them in the newborn bundle. Cloth inserts are sold separately and can be used from size small and up.

The newborn bundle is a sweet deal at more than 40% off the total retail value.

gBaby bundle

getting started any time

Baby already here? Switch to gDiapers any time. All you need are gPants (we suggest at least 6) and diaper inserts. Use one, the other, or both. Mix and match to make gDiapers fit your your life.

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