disposable inserts

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  • gDiapers disposable inserts
  • gDiapers disposable inserts

disposable inserts

Inserts as you need them, by the package. Size N/S contains 40 inserts. M/L/XL contains 32.

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flush, compost*, toss.

Disposable inserts tuck inside beautiful diaper covers called gPants. Disposable inserts come in two size options: small inserts fit newborn and small gPants, medium/large/xl inserts fit medium, large and extra large gPants. Get them by the package as you need them, or buy by the case so you have plenty on hand.

*Disposable inserts, wet ones only

gDiapers insert

what's inside.

Disposable inserts are made of cellulose, fluff pulp and super absorber. They can be flushed, composted* or tossed. When the insert is soiled, simply remove from the gPant, dispose, and tuck in a new insert for a fresh change. Use the same gPant through multiple changes. Change out the snap-in pouch when dirty.

Newborn - small package

The size newborn/small case contains 4 packages of 40 inserts each.

Medium - xlarge packageThe size medium/large/xl contains 4 packages of 32 inserts each.

*Disposable inserts, wet ones only

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