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hook kit

freshen up older gPants with new hook closures

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keep on grippin'

You know what's not cool? Handing over our garbage to the next generation. You know what is cool? Using yesteryear's gDiapers on subsequent children.

No matter what you use inside gPants, you still have the luxury of getting to use them over and over and over again. We've had parents use the same gPants on their 3rd and even 4th babies! True story. Yes, they may no longer look fresh as a daisy. gPants are clothing, and clothing will wear out the more it is used and washed. But we all know that there is a time and place for those well-loved hand-me-downs.

Sometimes customers will ask us why we don't use snaps on our gPants. Several reasons. But a big one is that snaps are not an easy fix. If a snap breaks and needs replacing, it's kind of a big deal for a lot of folks. But velcro is simple. It may wear out over time, but we've got replacements on hand for you, along with easy peasy instructions. We'll send you enough hook pieces for 6 gPants (the hook is the grippy side, the piece that wears out over time). It can be stitched by hand or by machine, whichever is easiest for you. That way you can keep on using those gPants. And keep on growing. Parts and pieces are not available for reasons other than refurbishing worn out gPants. We just want you to be able to keep using what you already have.

the first one's on us

We're happy to offer you your first hook kit for free. Use coupon code freehook to get one hook kit for free in either size. Each kit contains hook pieces for 6 gPants.