cloth liners 4-pack

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cloth liners 4-pack

Flushable cloth diaper liners take the mess out of cloth diapering. 4 boxes of 105 ct.

less mess. less fuss.

Cloth liners add convenience to cloth diapering. gDiapers cloth diaper flushable liners are perfectly sized to lay on top of cloth inserts (sold separately). They capture the poopy mess while the wetness passes through to be absorbed by the cloth liner. No more rinsing out messy diapers. Flush the cloth liner and put poop in the toilet, where it belongs. Cloth liners are soft and gentle on baby’s sensitive skin. Breathable, hypoallergenic, dye-free and fragrance-free. And cloth liners are interfolded in a cute box, instead of a roll, to make cloth diaper changes fast and convenient. 105 ct.

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