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Don't like guessing games? We don't blame you. Pick one of these bundles and know you have what you need.

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So you want to use gDiapers? It's as easy as this: you need gPants and inserts. We've put together these bundles to make the "easy as this" even easier, and more economical.

gDiapers starter bundle   gDiapers sweet bundle   gDiapers newborn bundle

starter bundle


sweet bundle


newborn bundle

Want to test the waters before diving in? Pick this. 2 gPants plus a package of inserts.


6 gPants plus a case of inserts will set you up nicely. Perfect for if baby's already here.


Baby on the way? Pick this. 12 newborn gPants, 6 small gPants plus 2 packages of inserts.






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* US prices

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"We just started our journey with gDiapers, my only regret ... that we didn't start sooner. Love love love our diapers!"

- Aimee

"I just received my newborn box today! I am so excited and I can't wait until my daughter is born so I can try gDiapers!!!!"

- Janice

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