poop goes in the potty.

Most things cannot be flushed, though your baby may try. Good thing our disposable inserts are in fact flushable.


when "down the toilet" is a good thing.

gDiapers disposable inserts are honest to goodness flushable diapers. gDiapers have passed North American flushability tests by a third-party, independent laboratory. Flushing is the safest way we currently have to treat human waste, so by flushing you're putting poop where it belongs. Flushing also means no stinky diaper pail. No toting a heavy garbage full of diapers to the curb every week.

Before you take the first flush, know thy toilet. Read about precautions and tips on the diaper therapy blog. Then follow the simple directions and give us a ring if you have any questions at all. 

flushing instructions

Do not flush if you have faulty or non-standard plumbing. Please click through and read the following before flushing in your home.