Therapy is just, well, it’s just kinda nice. It’s someone to talk to. It’s a way to figure out new things. It’s support from someone who gets it. And since gDiapers are a new take on an old routine, a little diaper therapy may be in order from time to time. So sit down. Get comfy. Let’s talk gDiapers.

Who are we?

We’re moms who have gDiapered our kiddos. And now, well, we work for gDiapers. We are Kelli McKee (that’s me, the blogger), and Heather McPhee (customer service and marketing/finance support). So when you call you’ll usually talk to Heather. And when you email, it’s usually she who will write you back. Comments received on this blog or on our facebook page are typically answered by me, though our killawicked marketing director, Michelle Schnoor, may hop in from time to time (she’s also your go-to gal for all things gMum).

We think it’s important that you know we’re real, honest to goodness, genuine moms. We’re not perfect. We’re here to chat through with you any questions you may have, because we’ve been there! And with many years of combined gDiapers experience, we believe we can be the support you need, should you need it. Also, we like you. Plain and simple. And we like it when you call (email, facebook, tweet, etc.).

So here we are. Here you are. And we’re so glad we’re all in this together.