by Kelli McKee

Superstorm Sandy was the biggest hurricane on record to hit the eastern United States. On top of the mountain of rubble and incalculable devastation, our blood banks are depleted. The folks at g, along with our neighbors up the road at Friends of Trees, and some of our local friends and customers will be giving blood this Thursday, December 13, 2012.

If you are in or around Portland this Thursday, please consider joining us. We will be hosting a blood drive in our offices in conjunction with The American Red Cross. We still have a lot of empty appointment slots, and we need to fill them. There will be homemade cookies on hand, lovingly made by Christine, wife to Tyler in Ops and mommy to Lincoln. And there may even be a grab bag of goodies as a thank you.

Please join us. Please give blood. We have a feeling that your blood is pretty awesome.

Click through here to sign up for a time to give. And if you have questions, please email me,