photo by kelli mckee

gBaby Magnolia and her home-grown tomatoes.

So you’ve been home-composting for years. Your garbage can is perpetually empty from your resourceful ways, your recycling bin is delightfully minimized thanks to your packaging-free lifestyle, and your compost bin is a flurry of earthy activity. Now you hear about compostable diapers. It’s true. gDiapers disposable inserts (wet ones only please) can be home composted*! From bum to bin, from pee to peonies, from bottom to topsoil. You’re stoked. But why oh why do we say to only compost the wet ones? What about the poopy ones?

Truth is, we think composting ALL your disposable inserts would be fantastic. But at the end of the day, we are a company that is speaking to a very wide and vast audience. We cannot responsibly advocate that parents home compost their baby’s poopy diapers as there can be human health risks involved, and most home compost bins will not get hot enough to safely compost human waste. Please only home compost the wet ones.

Rest assured, if the only diapers you’re composting are the wet ones, that’s still a TON of diapers that you’re turning into a usable resource for your garden. And no conventional disposable diaper ever did that.

gDiapers are reusable covers with disposable inserts you can flush, compost (wet ones only) or toss.