photo by brooke holley linkous

photo by brooke holley linkous

So what is a hybrid diaper? Where did it come from? One that comes with a cord so it can be plugged in to re-charge at night? Ha. Not quite. But that would make a pretty fun DIY project for you savvy seamstresses (and electricians).

gDiapers are the original hybrid diaper. They were invented by an innovative mama in Tasmania. She wanted to create a diaper that was better for babies and better for the planet. So she designed a diaper cover that could accommodate two insert options: one flushable insert and one washable, reusable insert. Voila. A hybrid diaper. The best of both worlds. Down under they were called Eenee Weenee. Then the enterprising couple, Jason and Kim Graham-Nye, happened upon these revolutionary hybrid diapers at a local baby show in Sydney. And thank goodness they did. Because now, due to their branding and distribution efforts, gDiapers have established the first new diaper option to come along in 40 years.

Isn’t it nice to know that just when we think we don’t have any options, it turns out, we totally do. We just sometimes have to give it a new name. In this case, it was hybrid diapers.

gDiapers are reusable covers with disposable inserts you can flush, compost* or toss.

* Disposable inserts are 100% biodegradable (wet ones only) in a home compost in 50-150 days per a third party independent testing facility.