photo by Emily Shaw Lapish

photo by Emily Shaw Lapish

Baby got back. And thighs. And those thighs are often wonderfully chubby. We can’t get enough of them. Those beautifully chubby baby thighs do a funny thing to diapers. They squeeze them together, and the end result is a bunched up diaper. We call this bunching. And so do you.

Now, since gDiapers aren’t a one-piece diaper like disposables, that bunching phenomenon is a bit more obvious. The disposable or cloth insert gets squished together and, if its wet, it stays that way. We’re here to tell you that that’s okay. (The rhyme there was unintentional, turns out we’re multi-dimensional.)

Bunching does not affect the function of the gDiaper, nor the fit, nor the cute factor (which is important). The purpose of the snap-in pouch is to not only hold the insert in place, but also to catch whatever mess the insert doesn’t. This is one reason we’ve made the pouches so easy to clean and re-use…because they’re gonna get dirty when baby poops.

Now, if you’re finding that the mess is getting onto the gPant (which totally does affect the cute factor), then there may be a fit issue. And thank goodness we know how to fix those, too. In the interest of not drifting too far off topic, we’ll point you to our post on troubleshooting leaks for that.

So, if we know bunching happens (it does) and we know that people are asking about it (they/you are), then why haven’t we done anything to stop it from happening? Well. Since it doesn’t affect the function and fit (and cute factor!), in truth we’re not too fussed over it. But, we have indeed tried. Nothing yet has worked to the point of celebratory bells and high fives throughout all of gHQ without compromising the function of the diaper, things we think are pretty important.

Bottom line? Bunching is fine.

(Rhyming again without intent! But we’re pretty sure it’s time well-spent.)