getting started

by Kelli Martinelli

You know how sometimes you get a kitten and you name it Sprinkles, only to later look at the kitten and think “huh, she’s a much better Moo Moo.” So you change her name. But she’s still the same cute kitty as ever.

Right. We did that. You’ll notice that some of our products look a little different and even have new names. So here’s your roadmap to make

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You know that video that makes you go “aww…” and “cool!” and makes your heart swell just a little and compels you to hit share? We hope this one gets you that way. Cause it sure got us that way. Which is why we’re hitting share right here. Because with so many changes a day, diapering should be a beautiful ritual.

What kinds of videos would you like to see from

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You’re ready to do this. Know how we know? Cause you’re reading this.

photo by felicia williams

photo by felicia williams

The formula is simple: you need gPants and you need inserts. That’s it. We suggest having 6-8 gPants per size (for small, medium, and large at least). If you want to use the disposable inserts exclusively, count on a case every

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