by Kelli McKee

Diapers bringing people together face to face? Sure thing. In fact, we see it all the time. But we never dreamed that would happen. Just really really glad it did. Today’s story brought to you by Resha.

Thanks for bringing g into your family, Resha! photo courtesy of Now & Then Photography by Emily Mathews.


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Today we asked this on our facebook page:

As a parent, we are given a set of choices for a variety of situations and circumstances. What situations and circumstances have you faced where the choices at hand just didn’t seem enough and you opted for something different? When have gone against the grain?

And there were so many great stories that parents shared. Diana shared hers, originally posted on her

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This was posted on our facebook page today, and, well shoot, there are 18 pairs of eyes here at gHQ that are a little teary right now. We make a cool product. We 100% believe that to be true. But what we believe in 150% (at least) is the power of genuine human interaction. Mom to mom. Mom to Dad. Dad to Dad. Parent to Parent. Baby to Baby. People

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If you’ve been around the gCommunity for any length of time, you’ve for certain been witness to the beautiful family photos shared by gMum, Makenzie. When we pulled together a year-end slideshow of the gBabies who had been posted to our facebook page in 2011, it was hard to not be wowed by the story of Makenzie and her family, as told through the photos she chose to

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All babies are adorable. And your baby is no exception. Yet despite the massive array of adorable babies in this world, we only need a teeny tiny few of them for our up and coming gDiapers photoshoot. How on earth does one make such a selection? It’s not easy. Not. At. All.

If you live in or are going to be in Portland, Or on May 7, 2012 and you

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