Thank you to long-time gMum, Lisa, for sharing this with us.

I’m a sensitive person. My husband will testify to this. I cry at television commercials, movie trailers, Sarah McLachlan songs, pretty much everything. Since becoming a mother this has intensified to a ridiculous degree. So when it came time to sell my daughter’s gDiapers, due to being in the throws of potty training, I was prepared to get slightly sentimental. I wasn’t at all prepared.

The moment I hit enter on my ‘for sale’ post I began to cry. I’m not talking about the sniffles here, Folks, I’m talking big, fat tears. Otherwise known as “ugly crying”. It could have been because my daughter had turned two the day before, or maybe it was due to the fact that she is our second and we’ve decided that, circumstances being what they are right now, we’re not having anymore. Whatever the reason, it hit me hard. So hard in fact, I truly believed that there was something wrong with me. “Who gets this overwrought over diapers?”, I asked myself.

Now that the emotional fog has lifted I realize it wasn’t about the diapers. It’s what gDiapers represent to me. I can clearly remember being pregnant with my first little one and pouring over their website. I rushed out and bought the starter kit, adoring those little orange and vanilla gPants, months before our wee man came into the world. It was exciting to imagine the tiny bum that would soon inhabit them. We loved them enough to carefully pack them away in anticipation of another blessing being added to our family. When I found out we would be having a girl the second time around, I was dizzy with excitement at the prospect of a ruffled bum. To think that I would never go through those stages again was heart-wrenching for me.

gDiapers have been with us in every step of our children’s growth in a way a conventional disposable never could. That might be silly for some to hear about something that is considered a diaper. But for this gMum they will always be more than that.

- Lisa

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