by Kelli McKee

We wanted to give a little bit of air-time to some of the seriously crafty and talented moms and dads in our midst. Check them out. Give them a wave and a hello (and maybe patronage …). Are there other mama/family-owned businesses you’d like to give a shout-out to? Please do! Tell us all about them (even if it’s you!) in the comments.

Three Little Muses – Courtney Morgan hand-creates these beautiful Waldorf-inspired dolls. What started as a hobby became a business (the best businesses usually start that way!). She sews and stuffs the bodies, embroiders their beautiful faces, and attaches the hair. She even sews the clothes and crochets their little shoes!

Sparky Firepants – With a name like that you just KNOW you’re in for a good time! Fun and funky art from the quirky brain and talented hand of David Billings. He and his wife, Jenni (hi Jenni!) are on a mission to bring art into homes worldwide. From skateboard decks to toys and games, this creative family will for sure make you smile.

Mama Runs With Scissors – From skulls to mustaches to rainbow unicorns, this mama sews whimsy straight into the seams of high-quality children’s clothes. Jen Greensted is the mama with the scissors in-hand, crafting and sewing from her Portland home with 2 kiddos afoot (thank you to Grandma for all her help!).

Alma Handmade Chocolates – Chocolate! The end. I have been so very privileged to have enjoyed Sarah Hart’s scrumptious confections. My favorite was hands-down the habanero caramels. Scroll through her shop, grab some salted or lavender caramel sauce, or some classic truffles, or some ginger almond toffee. Then report back and let us know your favorite too!

Goat Shed Soaps – Let’s face it. We could all stand to smell a little better. Scrub yourself solid with lavender/vanilla, lemongrass or cedar wood soaps, handmade by a Michigan mama from goat’s milk, which is incredibly soothing on winter-worn skin. We’re just going to say it: it’s udderly fantastic.

Monday’s Child – Charlotte’s a one-woman wonder. Handmade snack bags, wet bags, and travel pouches that are perfect for toting gDiapers disposable inserts! No need for plastic bags when you’ve got beyond adorable reusable ones! Right? Right.

Baby Wit - Who doesn’t need a onesie emblazoned with the timeless mug of Bill Murray? Or a baby tee rockin’ The Dude from the Big Lebowski? I know!!! Rosalee is a rockstar, no doubt about it. And she set out to reduce the amount of teddybear clutter in children’s apparel and replace it with wit that would resonate with the hippest of parents. Baby Wit is radder than rad and hipper than hip, just like you.

3 Generations of Designs – Got a stack of old t-shirts that you just can’t get rid of? Kelly will whip them into an heirloom-quality quilt for you! How about the pinkest and frilliest of tutus for your little ballerina? She’s all over that, too. Some folks are a whiz with needle and thread. Some folks aren’t (ahem). So we celebrate the skills of mamas like Kelly, and reap the benefits with groovy goods.

-about the author Kelli McKee (also known as Kelli Martinelli) has been with gDiapers since 2006. Her work as blogger and communications manager has been to build and nurture a community of moms and dads across the vast expanse of social media. She also writes web content, press releases, her own blog and lunchbox love notes for her 2 kiddos. Follow Kelli on the gDiapers blog, google + and twitter.