photo by heather harrison

photo permission from heather harrison, courtesy of Jenn Hunter Photography

There are a few ways to let friends and family know that you’d really like your baby to be a gBaby. First, there’s by telling them. With words. From your mouth. With this option you get to use any words you like. It’s fun! You can even just make them up as you go.

Second, you can add gDiapers to your registry. The gBaby bundle makes a pretty darn nice gift, if we do say so ourselves. We don’t host a registry on But! There’s a whole slew of awesome registry options, so you can pick your little gPants palette to coordinate with that adorable layette from (insert your favorite baby clothing company here). The nice thing about a registry is that it’s interactive. So if someone purchases something from your registry (lucky duck) it will show as purchased, so you don’t end up with 42 receiving blankets and 9 bath frogs.

Third, give guests a gentle nudge by including an insert in your shower invites. We’ve whipped some up for you so you can download as is, or get crafty and add some DIY razzle dazzle.

And lastly, we just have this to say: congratulations! Whether your welcoming your first baby or third, adopting or fostering, or simply in the early early planning stages, it’s all so very exciting. Babies are what makes the beautiful world go round.