photo by tabatha j. clary

photo by tabatha j. clary

Sure, we switched the order around a bit. But reduce, reusable diapers and recycle just didn’t have the same ring to it. So what’s this all about then? Why a blog post dedicated to reusable diapers? First, when it comes to gDiapers, there are two ways to interpret what it means to be a reusable diaper. The diaper cover (gPants) is reusable. So no matter if you use a disposable insert or a cloth insert, you’ll still always be re-using at least that part of it. And then naturally, if you’re inclined to go with cloth, well then you truly are opting for a completely reusable diaper option.

There are lots of reasons parents choose to use cloth diapers. Cloth diapering is gentler on the planet and easier on the wallet, to name just two. But there’s more. There is something special and time-honored in the ritual itself of use, wash, repeat. It goes back to basics. It celebrates generations of cloth-diaperers and, in a way, gives grandma a high-five. gDiapers let’s you decide if and how cloth diapering fits in to your life. Use them full-time, part-time, as doublers for overnight, when there’s a full moon, just on weekends, etc. Create your own ritual. And when you want a disposable option, just tuck in a one of our disposable* inserts instead.

And to come full circle, reusable diapers tackles the two other R’s as well. Reduce waste by using what you already have. And recycle by passing gPants and cloth inserts down to subsequent children. The three r’s are so very g.

gDiapers are reusable covers with disposable inserts you can flush, compost* or toss.

* Disposable inserts are 100% biodegradable (wet ones only) in a home compost in 50-150 days per a third party independent testing facility.