by Kelli Martinelli

Bottoms up!

Is diaper rash synonymous with having a baby? A walk down the diaper aisle may lead you to think that’s the case. But in fact, diaper rash was practically unheard of prior to the introduction of plastic diapers in the 1970′s. Hmm …

photo by Emily Shaw Lapish

We’ve heard from countless parents that using gDiapers on their baby has meant a healthy bum, free from redness and rash. We’ve heard from parents who say their baby has never had a diaper rash while using gDiapers. We’ve heard from other parents who have told us that after switching to gDiapers from conventional disposables or even some types of cloth systems that baby’s persistent diaper rash went away for good. (author’s note: this was my case! and the driving reason that led me to come work for g!)

But we also know that sometimes baby’s skin could use a re-set button. Sometimes diaper rash crops up with the introduction of a new food, or from teething, or illness. Diaper rash can show up on even the happiest of hineys. And when it does, you want to be armed with a safe and effective option to soothe and to heal.

“Our formulators devoted tremendous energy into helping us develop a diaper cream that would accomplish several goals:  effectiveness for prevention and treatment of diaper rash, a formula that doesn’t need removal, minimal or no transfer to cloth diapers, and breathability/neutralization of acid.  Voila!  This is how our Soothing Bottom Relief Diaper Rash Cream with its ‘liquid glove’ formula was born.  It goes on white, and turns clear so parents can monitor their child’s rash. It is cool and soothing on application, requires minimal volume (just a pea size) for maximal spread, and doesn’t require removal.  And, it is very effective for both prevention and treatment of irritant diaper rash.  It is a perfect complement to gDiapers.

For both gDiapers and MD Moms, minimizing wasteful packaging is a dual goal.  With both our Diaper Cream and Liquid Powder, just a tiny bit goes a long way – so one tube will last for months!  We are proud to partner with gDiapers to help your little one’s bottom stay healthy and happy!” – JJ Levenstein, MD, FAAP, President & Co-founder, MD Moms, makers of Baby Silk

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Soothe existing diaper rash with MD Moms and then keep rash at bay with gDiapers. It’s a simple formula for healthy baby skin.

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