photo courtesy of Brandi Bolinger

photo courtesy of Brandi Bolinger

Let’s just start with this: there is no diaper on earth that is 100% leak-proof. Occasionally we’ll get a call in to diaper therapy here at gHQ with the question “Can you guarantee gDiapers won’t leak?”. It’s a bit of a head-scratcher. “Well, no,” we answer. Every baby is different. And among all the different babies, every parent’s changing habits are different. And then among all those different things, there are the details of size and fit. But the good news is that’s where we can help.

Our sizes, like all diaper brands and their respective sizes, are guidelines. Back to the babies-are-all-different thing, and it’s true that some little pumpkins may find a better fit outside the size chart. But we can always help figure that out with you. Just give us a call, send an email, reach out on facebook or twitter, or think it REALLY loud and we’ll do our best to hear and respond.

Alrighty. A little pro-active protection against leaks. How big is baby? Check out this groovy size chart:

So, pro-active step #1: make sure baby is in the right size.

On to pro-active step #2: make sure the trim of the snap-in pouch is all the way up in the crease of baby’s legs, in that highest yummy chubby fold. It should sit on baby’s body the same way underwear fits on yours. The pouch’s job is to form a comfortable seal around baby’s body, keeping the mess contained. If the trim is gaping in the legs, well, it could get messy.

Pro-active step #3: secure the velcro tabs gently around the back, taking care to not over-tighten. When on correctly you should be able to easily slide a finger under the waistband of the little gPants. If it’s on too tightly, it could lift the snap-in pouch off the skin, breaking that seal.

Pro-active step #4 (boys only): make sure the penis is pointed down. Not much more to say about this one.

Pro-active step #5 (and then we think we’ll call this good – more than 5 suggestions and you might begin to think that diapering is hard, and truly, it’s a piece of cake): change baby often. Disposable inserts are going to be more absorbent than cloth (whether our gCloth or any other brand). 2-3 hours is a good rule of thumb, with a bit more frequent for cloth.

Leaks will probably happen once in a blue moon. But that’s it. If there’s a leak, and you look up in the sky and, uh oh, no blue moon, then you might want to re-visit these pro-active tips. Or, troubleshoot with us. And how handy is this, we’ve blogged about troubleshooting, too. Hooray!