by Kelli Martinelli

You know how sometimes you get a kitten and you name it Sprinkles, only to later look at the kitten and think “huh, she’s a much better Moo Moo.” So you change her name. But she’s still the same cute kitty as ever.

Right. We did that. You’ll notice that some of our products look a little different and even have new names. So here’s your roadmap to make sense of it all!

same products. new look.

say hello to the family.







disposable inserts

Previously known as gRefills. Use disposable inserts inside gPants.

size newborn/small disposable insertssize m/l/xl disposable inserts









cloth inserts

Previously known as gCloth. That was easy. Use cloth inserts inside gPants for a trim-fitting reusable diaper option.

size small gClothsize m/l/xl gCloth








newborn bundle

Previously known as the gBaby bundle. The newborn bundle has all you need to get started using gDiapers from day one.

gDiapers newborn bundlenewborn bundle contents









Previously known as … gWipes. See? We’re not changing EVERYTHING. gWipes are a customer favorite. Great for tackling whatever mess your baby makes.

gWipesgWipes case




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